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Built to be Fast and Rugged

High Speed Doors

Work as Fast and as Hard as You Do

High Speed Doors

When speed is the top priority, we’ve got you covered. Our high speed overhead doors are built to keep up with your rapid pace. With configurations to fit any most any headroom size, these overhead doors are made to last.


High Speed Door Options

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Call our friendly sales team to find the commercial door for any size job. We specialize in providing the best in design options and highest quality installation in North Alabama.


High Speed Door Product Line

The self repairing Albany UltraFast high speed fabric doors deliver opening speeds of up to 60” per second with an option of 100” per second. You’ll meet productivity goals without compromising safety or maintenance cost. When fork-truck traffic is high, maintenance is a concern and safety is important, Albany UltraFast high speed fabric doors are the solution. Albany UltraFast Distribution

Speed and Panel

High Performance
  • Speed:Albany UltraFast opens at up to 60 inches per second. Optional 100 inches per second
  • 2-Ply monofilament panel material standard with 3-Ply and Vinyl optional.
  • Blue or Yellow panel material is standard, consult factory for other color availability.
  • Optional Visibility: 17″ or 24″ square windows (24″ only available without wind ribs).


Weather Seal

Provides Double Seal on Top and Sides

If you are going to purchase a high speed door, you want it to seal well. We provide a double seal of protection on all Albany doors. Along the side columns and above the head, there is a track system that seals the gaps that can cause serious air leakage.

MCC VectorControl™

Easy to Use and Troubleshoot

Convenient digital display helps detect problems early and fix them quickly. VectorControl technology only uses power needed for optimal performance. Soft start and soft stop design reduces maintenance costs.


Auto-Reset System

Fully Self-Repairing

With our exclusive self-repairing Auto-Reset System, door repair is automatic. After a door is impacted, the driver simply pushes a button and the door repairs itself.

Safety Light Curtains (Optional)

Prevents Injury

Our Safety Light System offers a full curtain of protection up to six feet high on both sides of the door. Loads cannot go below or through the beams without being detected. Once an object is detected, the door automatically retracts to the open position.


Emergency Safety System (Optional)

Automatically Raises Door in Emergencies

With Albany high speed doors, you can select our optional Emergency Safety System. When a power outage takes place, people want to get out of the building. In the event of an emergency, they want to get out fast.

Our exclusive Emergency Safety System automatically allows egress to occur easily and efficiently.  Simply pull the brake release and the door will begin to open. No manual cranks or climbing ladders to open a door without power. Availability of this feature is dependent on door size.


Soft Bottom Bar

Fully Padded

All Albany high speed doors come with a fully padded, soft touch bottom bar.


Wireless Safety System

Eliminate Coil Cord Problems

Most high speed doors in operation today use coil cords.  The problem with coil cords is they:

  • Get tangled up
  • Catch on other objects
  • Are susceptible to breakage
  • Are difficult and costly to repair
  • Tend to stretch and sail into the photo eyes causing false activation

Cut your cord with our Wireless Safety System and eliminated all of these common problems.

Albany ultratoughThe Albany RR1000 redefines tough and rugged with an unobtrusive, low headroom design, thin, sleek low-profile side frames and the proven strength to withstand 130 mph, hurricane-level wind and pressure. Plus, this classic high speed door is now equipped with the coveted self-repairing, break away feature.

Fully Self-repairing Break Away

Low Maintenance

The breakaway bottom bar on the Albany RR1000 is constructed with solid, impact-resistant fiberglass that is impervious to corrosion. When a door faces demanding conditions, accidental collisions are almost inevitable. The Albany RR1000 will easily break away, with no damage or incident, and can be reset quickly. No matter what position the door is in after a hit, it can be fixed with only the push of a button – no wrestling the door to the front of the frames, no tools or technical know-how necessary.

Tough Under Pressure

Albany RR1000 can withstand 100mph wind and pressure.

Our patent-pending Continuous Windlock and guide system has been tested and certified to withstand hurricane-level wind loads. Even at incredibly large sizes, the Albany RR1000 can withstand 100mph wind and pressure. The Windlock and guide system work together to create an airtight seal around the entire door. Unlike many flexible doors, the bottom beam does not lift upward under high pressures leaving a gap across the bottom of the door. This helps maintain interior temperatures, and save on energy costs, while the door remains operational in all conditions.

UltraStrong Curtain

Lifetime Warranty

Warranted for the life of the door, the thick two-layer SBR and high-tensile strength polyester fabric provides superb resiliency in harsh environments.


Safe Features Protect People and Products

Prevents Injury

Albany high speed doors offer more protective sensors than others in the industry, significantly reducing the risk of injury to people and damage to vehicles.

The TruckGuard Safety System offers a full curtain of protection up to approximately six feet high on both sides of the door. Loads cannot go below or through the beams without being detected. Once an object is detected, the door automatically retracts.


MCC VectorControl All-In-One Controller (Optional)

Fast, Flexible Control

The UL approved MCC VectorControl All-In-One features VectorControl technology that monitors electrical currents and uses only what is needed for optimal drive performance. The intelligent MCC includes a slim, interactive LCD display that provides you with a scrollable menu that keeps a complete door history and event logs, for easy maintenance and troubleshooting.

With 100,000 doors operating worldwide, Rytec quality is proven day in day out, cycle after cycle. The simple fact is Rytec builds a higher-performance door and provides the greatest value to customers. We deliver superior customer support and technical assistance through national offices and a network of local dealers throughout North America. Our pioneering history and innovative, patented technologies make the higher performance of Rytec doors possible. The bottom line, Rytec doors will pay for themselves day in, day out, cycle after cycle.

High-speed rolling door with Break-Away™ bar for large openings.rytec-fast-seal-high-speed8


Opens at up to 50 inches per second.


Dual electric photo eyes in side column and reversing edge in bottom bar. Optional, replaceable windows for visibility.

Takes a Hit

Patented Break-Away™ bottom bar repairs without tools in just seconds, virtually eliminating door down time.

System II™

Patented, independent design separates counterbalance from door tension permitting effective break away and the ability to handle high wind loads and negative pressure.

Full Tension

Patented System II™ design provides proper counterbalance and tension at all times.

Low Maintenance

System II™ design comes with a lifetime warranty on all counterweights and tension springs.

rytec-predadoor-high-speed10Rytec has taken the PredaDoor, the industry’s top selling high performance door, and added NXT generation features to offer the most advanced direct drive roll door available – the PredaDoor NXT. The Predadoor NXT offers a tighter seal and an advanced wireless safety system. It is durable and can take a hit. The NXT Quick-Set™ repair system engages with the push of a button after aligning the bottom bar. The PredaDoor NXT offers high performance for interior and exterior applications where speed, low maintenance and dependability are critical. Plus, a new two-year warranty on materials and workmanship makes it the best value in the business.

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