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Loading Dock Equipment

When you need the precision and convenience of loading dock levelers and related equipment, Shoals Overhead Doors supplies North Alabama’s needs.

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Call our friendly sales team to find the loading dock equipment for any size job. We specialize in providing the best in design options and highest quality installation in North Alabama.

Loading Dock Product Line

Poweramp’s mechanical and hydraulic models of Edge-Of-Dock levelers are the largest selling of any manufacturer. Our dual extensions spring lift mechanism offers proven efficiency and durability. Careful engineering and rugged construction ensure extended life along with safe and easy operation.

Hydraulic Series

Special design and quality construction provide the dynamic difference for every series and model of dock leveler manufactured by Poweramp. Top performance begins with the right design. Poweramp fluid logic control and hydraulic cylinders are designed and manufactured specifically for loading dock leveler applications. It is this dedication to detail that provides each series of levelers, Poweramp, Challenger and E-Series with the highest quality and most dependable operation.

Poweramp Series

Poweramp_Dock_LevelerAll Poweramp series levelers incorporate a box construction for the strength needed to provide years of uninterrupted service. Capacities of 20,000 lbs. to 120,000 lbs. with a range of sizes from 6′, 6.5′ and 7′ wide and from 6′ to 16′ long.

6′ 8′ 10′ 12′
WIDTH 6′ PR-66 PR-68 PR-610 PR-612
6.5′ PR-656 PR-658 PR-6510 PR-6512
7′ PR-76 PR-78 PR-710 PR-712


Industry Rated: 40,000, 50,000, 60,000, 80,000, & 120,000 lbs.

Dynamic Rated: 20,000, 25,000, 30,000, 40,000 & 60,000 lbs.

Challenger Series

poweramp cmdWhen you require capacity and performance in an economy style pit-mounted dock leveler, choose Challenger from Poweramp. Challenger features one-button control and fully automatic hydraulic operation to provide years of dependable operation. All Challengers feature full range, sliding toe guards, hydraulic velocity fuse to prevent platform free fall, unitized platform, cross traffic support and rigid structural frame. All have capacities of 20,000 lbs. to 35,000 lbs. with a range of sizes from 6′, 6.5′ and 7′ wide and from 6′ to 10′ long.

6′ 8′ 10′
WIDTH 6′ CH-66 CH-68 CH-610
6.5′ CH-656 CH-658 CH-6510
7′ CH-76 CH-78 CH-710


Industry Rated: 20,000, 25,000 & 35,000 lbs.

Dynamic Rated: 10,000, 12,500 & 17,500 lbs.


eh_1-1Poweramp E-Series hydraulic levelers feature our exclusive self-contained Fluid-Logic system that operates every function without the use of solenoids.

Value engineered to provide the highest quality with the greatest amount of dependability in an economical version of our Poweramp family of levelers.

All have capacities from 20,000 lbs. to 40,000 lbs. available in widths of 6′, 6.5′ & 7′ and lengths of 6′, 8′ & 10′.

6′ 8′ 10′
WIDTH 6′ E-66 E-68 E-610
6.5′ E-656 E-658 E-6510
7′ E-76 E-78 E-710


Industry Rated: 20,000, 25,000, 35,000 & 40,000 lbs.

Dynamic Rated: 10,000, 12,500, 17,500 & 20,000 lbs.

Poweramp VS-Levelers

vs_1Poweramp VS series dock levelers, store in the vertical position to conserve warehouse space, and to limit the loss of conditioned air from refrigerated warehouses. The levelers design allows the over-head door to form a tight seal with the pit floor, eliminating energy loss due to gaps formed by the equipment and the building.

The Poweramp – VS vertical storing leveler not only saves space but it also increases dock security and protects other facilities equipment. In the stored position, the leveler is a natural barrier, helping to prevent damage to over-head doors and door tracks. Having no framing members, the VS-series leveler provides for convenient cleaning of the pit floor.

Powered by a job rated pump and motor, the double acting hydraulic hoist cylinder comes standard with dead-man controls for enhanced safety. Other safety features include 3″ run-off guards.

Capacities of 20,000 lbs., 25,000 lbs., 30,000 lbs. and 40,000 lbs. are standard with operating ranges of 5″ below dock and 12″ above dock are standard. Options such as added lip length, Centra-Power, truck restraints and special finishes can be added to customize your equipment.

Edge-Of-Dock Levelers

Mechanical & Hydraulic

poweramp-edge-of-dock-levelerAdd to your mechanical EOD the NEVERLIFT option and you provide your dock attendants with a lever assisted operating mechanism that reduces operation to two simple and easy strokes. No lifting, bending or difficult pushing is required to properly place the lip onto the bed of a trailer.Working range of 5″ above and below dock level is standard on the 20,000, 25,000, and 30,000 lbs. capacity models. Widths of 66″, 72″ and 78″ are offered as are lip lengths of 15″ and 17″.

66″ 72″ 78″
LIPLENGTH 15″ CEOD-6615 CEOD-7215 CEOD-7815
17″ CEOD-6617 CEOD-7217 CEOD-7817

Capacities: Industry Rated – 20,000, 25,000 & 30,000 lbs.

Note: Hydraulic units available in the same sizes and capacities.

CM Series Mechanical Dock Levelers

poweramp-pit-levelerPoweramps’ CM series mechanical dock levelers feature dependable performance, quality construction and an affordable price.

Manufactured in capacities of 20,000, 25,000, 30,000 and 35,000 lbs. and in widths of 6′, 6.5′, and 7′ with lengths of 6′ and 8′. Consult factory for special sizes and capacities.

Standard features such as night locks, fully gusseted lips (when required), working range toe guards and safety stops provide features not found in other manufacturers standard offering.

6′ 8′ 10′
WIDTH 6′ CM-66 CM-68 consult factory
6.5′ CM-656 CM-658 consult factory
7′ CM-76 CM-78 consult factory

Capacities: Industry Rated – 20,000, 25,000, 30,000 & 35,000 lbs.

CMD Series Mechanical Dock Levelers

poweramp cmdThe Poweramp CMD series mechanical dock leveler provides you with a 12″ above and below dock working range in applications that require a more heavy duty piece of equipment. Capacity ranges from 25,000 lbs. to 50,000 lbs. are available in 6′, 6.5′ and 7′ widths and lengths from 6′ to 10′ are available as standard.

Standard features such as full range toe guards, gusseted lip and front headers, below dock control, 3-position safety stops, 5/8″ to 3/4″ lips, proven hold-down and float, 4″ tilt feature, milled lip edge and a maintenance safety prop.

PowerHook® Series Automatic

powerhook_lgThere are many components that ensure a safe material handling operation. One of the most important is an effective, dependable truck restraining system like the PowerHook® by Poweramp.

The PowerHook® restraint by Poweramp is the elite restraining device available on the market. By actively seeking, finding, and securing a trailer’s “Rear Impact Guard” (RIG), the PowerHook® eliminates potential problems between the truck and the dock leveler.

The PowerHook® restraint is firmly anchored in the loading dock pit for maximum holding strength. The hook remains recessed and protected behind the pit wall until activation, making it easy to maintain the dock exterior. Because it stores in the pit, the restraint is completely concealed and out of the way. This is a great advantage when clearing the drive approach of snow or debris.

The PowerHook® is designed to withstand a pulling force in excess of 35,000 lbs, providing an extra margin of safety and protection. This restraint has the widest service range in the industry with a horizontal range of 0” to 15” from the building and a vertical range from 7” to 34” off the drive. Extended ranges are available for special applications.

With over 10,000 applications over a twenty year period, the durability and reliability of PowerHook® is unmatched in the industry. Be sure to specify the “original” PowerHook® on your next loading dock application.

  • Recessed design – for unobtrusive access
  • Positive restraining force eliminates “trailer creep”
  • Restraining force in excess of 35,000 lbs.
  • PLC solid state control
  • Exterior strobe emphasizer
  • Compact “traffic style” exterior lights
  • Amber light – caution indicator
  • Automatic restore feature
  • Diagnostic – fault indicator light
  • Keyed override
  • Operational range: 0” to 15” horizontally, 7” min to 34” vertically
  • Designed to meet 1998 NHTSA regulations
  • 5 year structural and hydraulic warranty

PowerHold® Series Automatic

PowerHold_1The PowerHold® is a non-impact, self-aligning, hydraulic truck restraint system. Once activated, PowerHold seeks and finds a truck’s “Rear Impact Guard” (RIG), then applies continuous pressure to firmly restrain the vehicle. By applying constant pressure on the RIG, PowerHold® removes dangerous gaps, and eliminates “trailer creep” and potential loss of leveler lip purchase. The PowerHold® has been tested to withstand up to 30,000 lbs. of pull-out force and has a service range of 0” to 10” horizontally from the face of the dock bumpers and 10” minimum to 27” vertically above drive approach. Powerhold’s® hydraulic design eliminates the need for costly maintenance and adjustment of mechanical components. .

  • Push button activation
  • Non-impact design – wall or driveway mount
  • Low profile design
  • Positive restraining force eliminates “trailer creep”
  • Restraining force in excess of 30,000 lbs.
  • Amber light – caution indicator
  • Automatic re-store feature
  • Keyed override
  • Dock leveler or door interlock
  • Compact “traffic style” exterior lights
  • Designed to meet 1998 NHTSA regulations
  • 5 year structural warranty
  • 2 year structural warranty

TPR™ Series Automatic

tpr_1The Poweramp® TPR™ truck positioned vehicle restraint is designed to automatically position itself and secure a trailer’s rear impact guard (RIG) to reduce the likelihood of premature trailer separation during the loading/ unloading process. The TPR is designed to withstand a pulling force in excess of 35,000 lbs, and has a service range of 4” to 10” horizontally from the face of the dock bumpers and 9” to 27” vertically above drive approach. The integral motor, gear and brake assembly is specifically designed for the TPR. The TPR vehicle restraint is highly adaptable to new or existing loading docks.

  • Industry Proven Truck Positioned Restraint Mechanism
  • Advanced Three Light Communication System
  • LED Internal and External Lights
  • Interior and Exterior Signage
  • Standard Keyed Bypass/Override Switch
  • Low Profile 9” Carriage – Service Range 9”to 27” Off Grade
  • Restraining Force In Excess of 30,000 lbs.
  • Zinc Plated Track and Housing Provides High Corrosion Resistance
  • Zerk Grease Fitting on Roller Shaft For Ease of Maintenance
  • Exclusive Designed Gear Motor Keeps Hook Continuously Engaged
  • Captures NHTSA Regulation “Rear Impact Guards (RIG) and Meets ANSI Spec MH30.3 Standards
  • 1 Year Parts and Labor Warranty

PowerStop® Series Automatic

powerstop_a_2The PowerStop® fully automatic truck restraint (AAL) is an easy-to-install, affordable restraining system. It will withstand up to 30,000 lbs. of pull out force and has a horizontal service range of 0” to 10” and a 12” minimum to 29.5” vertical service range. Powerstop® can be integrated with any mechanical, hydraulic or pneumatic dock leveler, making it extremely versatile for a wide variety of applications. The PowerStop® is available as a stand alone unit or can be integrated with other loading dock equipment.

  • Push button activation
  • Compact “traffic style” exterior lights
  • Automatic light sequence
  • Low profile, non-impact design
  • Unique dual locking restraint arm to minimize “trailer creep”
  • Restraining force up to 30,000 lbs.
  • Zinc Plated Finish Provides High Corrosion Resistance
  • Protective debris guard
  • Remote power pack with translucent reservoir
  • Interlock terminals
  • Override selector switch
  • Designed to meet 1998 NHTSA regulations
  • 1 year parts & labor warranty


PowerStop® Series Manual

powerstop_m_1By providing an economical solution for your shipping and receiving operation, the PowerStop® Manual Series restraint brings value and enhanced safety to your loading dock. The PowerStop® is a non-impact, self-aligning, mechanically operated truck restraining system. The PowerStop® will withstand up to 30,000 lbs. of pull out force and has a horizontal service range of 0” to 10” from the face of the dock bumpers and a horizontal range of 12” to 29.5”. The PowerStop® is a versatile restraint that can be integrated with any mechanical, hydraulic, or pneumatic dock levelers, and edge-of-dock, or top-of-dock units.

  • Manually activated restraint
  • Optional dock alert communication package on MML and MAL packages
  • Low profile, non-impact design
  • Unique dual locking restraint arm to minimize “trailer creep”
  • Restraining force up to 30,000 lbs.
  • Zinc Plated Finish Provides High Corrosion Resistance
  • Protective debris guard
  • Designed to meet 1998 NHTSA regulations
  • 1 year parts & labor warranty

Dock Sealers

Dock Seal with Head Pad

Model DS

dixie dock seals
Dixie Dock Model DS Dock Seal provides maximum energy savings in a weather tight enclosure. When seals are compressed properly they form an effective seal that retains cool air or heat and blocks dust, rain, wind, snow, and fumes from entering the dock area.

Dixie Dock Seals are constructed with durable high quality vinyl coated fabric with resistance to wearing, tearing, and the elements. We use a highly resilient polyurethane foam to help maintain the pads shape. The pads are mounted on kiln dried pressure treated wood backing for longer life. All pads are vented with brass grommets for air and moisture release. A 4″ guide stripe the entire height of the vertical pad is standard. All installation hardware is included with seals.

Options: 18″ or greater Head Pad to accommodate taller


Dock Seal with Head Curtain

Model DS/F

dixie dock seals2Dixie Dock Model DS/F consists of two vertical side pads and a full width head curtain which will accommodate a variety of truck heights. This model is manufactured with the same materials and design as the DS model. Tapered top is mounted on a pressure treated 2 x 4 atop the vertical side pads and affixed to the wall of the building.

Our non-sagging design utilizes a 3/4″ galvanized pipe for front edge support. Stays provide for support in the top of the curtain. The curtain is held tight by straps on each end. Head Curtain models are suitable for door openings over 9′ high.

Options: Split curtain with Velcro. Adjustable rope pulls to allow adjustment of curtain height. Foam sewn in face of curtain.


Rigid Dock Shelter

Model RS

dixie dock seals3Dixie Dock Model RS Rigid Frame Truck Shelters are mounted directly to the building allowing trucks to back into them. The top and side curtains flex inward with a wiping action, forming a seal on the outside of the trailer. This allows full access into the rear of the trailer. The top of the shelter is sloped to prevent water from standing on top. Steel bumpers are used to protect the shelter.

Wear pleats are added to the curtain to help absorb the impact of the corner of the trailers. Wear face on bottom corners of verticals absorb impact of trailers corners. Tapered draft pads behind side curtains help decrease air flow.



Insect Barrier Screen


Dixie Dock Insect Barrier Screen offers protection from flying insects, birds and rodents, while allowing fresh air to be circulated throughout your facility. It also provides security against unauthorized visitors and intruders. Insect barrier screens are available in sliding, spring loaded and motorized roll up models. The vinyl coated polyester mesh fabric permits air and light to enter your facility, and helps turn the dock area into a safe, comfortable work environment.

The mesh fabric is fire retardant and mildew resistant. Applications for insect barrier screens are found in food processing, storage, and production facilities; as well as dairies, pharmaceutical and baking industries.

Options & Features

  • Wedged side pads or cube side pads – to provide effective sealing when doors are wider than normal truck door.
  • Tapered seals for incline / decline docks
  • Extended wear pleats on verticals & ends of head pad / curtain – adds extra life to the dock seal and is available in 4″, 8″ and 16″ exposures.
  • Large height on head pad – for high doors and a broader range of door heights
  • Foam in head curtain face
  • Drop flap on head pad (9′ H Doors)
  • Adjustable height head curtain
  • Split curtain with Velcro
  • Wear faces on side pads and/or head pad
  • Common member side pads
  • Replacement fabric covers

Fabric Properties & Colors 

Fabric Properties

Tongue Tear Method 5134.1
Abrasion Resistance
Grab Tensile
Cold Test
(-40º F)
22 oz. Vinyl 110 x 110 > 1500 550 x 500 Pass
35 oz. Vinyl 110 x 110 > 2000 550 x 500 Pass
40 oz. Vinyl 110 x 110 > 2500 550 x 500 Pass
40 oz. HT Vinyl 220 x 220 > 4500 350 x 850 Pass


Fabric Colors

  • 22 oz. – available in all colors, including black, forest green, brown, blue, yellow, orange, red, royal, kelly green, gray, tan, dark brown, and white.
  • 35 oz. – royal, forest green, dark brown, and black.
  • 40 oz. – black. 40 oz. HT – black.


Additional Products 

Dock Bumpers
  • Laminated
  • Molded
Levelers: Edge-of-Dock & Pit
  • Mechanical
  • Hydraulic
Truck Restraints
  • Automatic or Manual
  • With or without lights
Wheel Chocks
  • Laminated
  • Molded
Dock Lights
  • Steel or Plastic heads
  • Adjustable
Metal Dock Canopies
Galvanized Steel Back Pans
Vinyl Strip Doors






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